Results-Oriented Personal Training And Group Fitness Classes

Be Confident About The Way You Look And Feel


A fitness solution catered to your needs, whatever they may be

  • Have to workout at erratic times? No problem!
  • Only have 30 minutes? No problem!
  • Need personalized attention but can't afford a 1 on 1 personal trainer? Not a problem!
  • Hate going to commercial gyms? You guessed it, not to worry!

Custom Mobile App

Our mobile app will deliver custom workouts, nutrition and goal tracking for your specific needs right in the palm of your hand.

Live Stream Group Fitness Classes

Engage with our coaches and community in this one of a kind workout experience right from your home!

Access To Your Own Accountability Coach

Our encouraging team will be dedicated to answer any questions and help you stay on track in even the most challenging situations.


We’ve been there

We have ex-drug addicts, former couch potatoes, and even cancer survivors working on our team. We know from personal experience what it takes to take control of a challenge in life and turn it into something magnificent!

Real People. Real Results.

"Wow! I am digging this app and all the hard work the team put into this amazing online experience. You guys rock!!! Total genius!!! Hope you are proud because you should be!!!"


"Took my first livestreaming class today and my carpet is soaked! Seriously though, this was so needed. Thank you to the Raw Fitness Family for finding creative ways to keep us focused. Looking forward to the next class!"


“This is a gym that caters to a wide variety of people in an environment that makes everyone feel welcome. I have now lost about 30 lbs and I feel amazing. The fitness part was the last remaining piece to make me feel confident in all aspects of my life, and I owe it to Mike and his staff at Raw Fitness.“

Jacob R.

We want to bring innovation

We have been serving the Lake Norman area for 10 years via our brick and mortar facility and we are still there if ever you need us.

But we knew there were many in our community who needed a little something more flexible so Raw Fitness Online was born!

Book a consultation today And start living life to it's fullest!