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Tuesday 6.30.20 8:00AM with Coach Kym

Michael June 30, 2020


Warm Up:
Floor slides x8
SL Glute bridges x10 
Quadruped rocks + T.O.P ankle mobs x6ea
Fire hydrants x8ea
Bent over V reach  x8ea
Inchworms + squat  x5ea

Day B: 
Lateral lunge power clean + curtsy lunge 4x8ea
KB lunge row 4x8

RB lat pulldown 4x8
Wall sit KB bottoms up presses 4x10
90/90 RB Y’s 3x12

FInisher until end of class: 30s each exercise 
Squat holds to alt. Reverse lunges 
Ski mountain climbers
Side step KB swings 
Rest 30 seconds