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Wednesday 8.12.20 8:00AM with Coach Kym

Michael August 11, 2020

Warm Up:
Book openers x8
Figure 4 glute bridges x8
Lateral lunge + samson stretch x4ea
Hamstring + hip flexor stretch x8ea
Squat pry + OH reaches x8ea
Calf raises x8
Ankle hops x8
Jumps x8
Squats x8
Squat jumps x8

Day B:
1a)  reverse lunge + RB press at bottom of lunge 4x8ea
1b) Low squat hold + RB bicep curls 3x12
1c) Side Plank RB row 3x12ea

15 minute EMOM:
Min: 8-10 KB swings (or KB snatches) per arm
Min: 1 TGU (switch arms every round)